Healthier, more beautiful.

Take home the benefits of Comano Thermal Baths. Our exclusive cosmetic line, composed of products based on Comano thermal water and natural active principles, is a precious ally for a beautiful and healthy skin.
The best proposal in the beauty sector, thanks to the effects of water with specific dermatological indication. The beauty line includes cosmetic products to cleanse, moisturize and nourish the skin, and eudermic products for a proper functional and physiological recover from dermatologic problems.
These efficient products are tested by the specialists of Comano Thermal Baths in collaboration with prestigious universities and are formulated with innovative technologies and designed to protect the skin by keeping it healthy, elastic and bright.

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Source of beauty, source of well-being.

Thermal treatments
Thermal water is an effective and natural remedy, with no contraindications.
Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
For your relaxing moments in contact with nature, the Grand Hotel Terme di Comano offers two outdoor swimming pools immersed in the scenery of the spectacular Terme di Comano Park.
Our thermal water
Best friend for the skin, valuable ally for the whole body.