Best friend for the skin, valuable ally for the whole body.

The Comano thermal water is unique in Italy. Rich in bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium, it flows from the Brenta Dolomites at constant temperature of 27° C. Its anti-inflammatory, soothing, softening and calming properties make it particularly suitable and effective for skincare through balneotherapy.

Recent scientific research has also highlighted the presence of many microorganisms with immunomodulating, antibacterial and revitalizing properties, confirming the features of this authentic “natural drug”.

Comano Terme mineral water can also have a diuretic, purifying and detoxifying action for the body. The thermal source for hydroponic treatment is available for all our Guests at the thermal hall.
“The hotel is located in an excellent position, in a flat thermal park that allows contact with nature to awaken the soul and to help find oneself. The thermal water is special and has highly therapeutic properties both for skincare and body detoxification.”


Source of beauty, source of well-being.

Thermal treatments
Thermal water is an effective and natural remedy, with no contraindications.
Salus per Acquam cosmetic line
Take home the benefits of Comano Thermal Baths. The exclusive “Salus per Acquam” cosmetic line, composed of products based on Comano thermal water and natural active principles, is a precious ally for a beautiful and healthy skin.
Massages and wellness treatments
A must for any true holiday, the Thermal Spa of the Grand Hotel Terme di Comano is a welcoming place where you can hand your body over to the wise hands of our staff to recover strength, energy and serenity.