The Adamello room is ideal for small corporate meetings. Illuminated by natural light, it is equipped with a maxi HD monitor and professional sound system.

Location: ground floor
Dimensions: 40 m2
Capacity: max 35 seats in the stalls area, max 20 imperial tables, max 20 school desks
Services: light dimming, air conditioning, video projector, screen, flipchart, stationery
Lage: Erdgeschoss
Größe: 36 qm
Kapazität: max. 25 Pers. im Theaterstil, max. 15 Pers. am großen zentralen Tisch
Services: Audioservice, Verdunkelung, Klimaanlage, TV 52“ mit PC-Anschluss, Flipchart, Büromaterial, Internetverbindung