At the Wellness Centre of the Grand Hotel Terme, guests can enjoy the ancient art of massage, with one of our customised programmes that dip into age-old traditions and far-off cultures, ideal for reinvigorating the body.

In the Cosmetic and Corrective Dermatology Centre at the Grand Hotel Terme through modern laser technologies, are treated flaws and skin changes aesthetic, such as wrinkles, small scars, acne, vascular diseases, stretch marks, epilation.

Beauty outside reflects a deeper wellbeing inside. This mirror effect explains why it is important to pay attention to the signals given out by our appearance.
Given the exclusive line of “Salus per Aquam” skin and beauty products, made with spa water, the body and face treatments performed at the Wellness Centre are highly effective. Ours is a matchless offer in the cosmetics sector thanks to the water used, which is particularly suitable for skin treatments.